ACEAA Electrical Provider Network Opens

The ACEAA Electrical Provider Network is a newly established 503(c) organization dedicated to providing United States residents with easy access to experienced, vetted electrical contractors for residential and commercial projects. No longer do homeowners have to ask a friend or take a chance on a questionable company. Business owners will never again have to send out requests for proposal (RFP’s) to hundreds of local electricians in the hope of finding someone capable to performing the job to a high standard.

 May 2021
Electrical Provider ACEAA Opens Its (Virtual) Doors Starting with New York City

ACEAA is supported by several anonymous donors and will remain privately funded. During its tenure, our organization will research, contact, and vet each electrical company that has filed proper LLC paperwork in each state until we have a comprehensive list for each area.

Competitors of ACEAA include companies like Home Advisor and Thumbtack. While we see the valid purpose of the existence of these “lead generation” providers, we firmly assert that our organization is more valuable to end consumer. Better Business Bureau ratings can be bought. Home Advisor and Thumbtack ratings can be manipulated based on how much money the company is paying monthly. Even search engine ratings can be changed to reflect a completely different experience than what customers see when they work with actual providers in their local areas.

Through our vast network on Facebook and our friends at the Chamber of Commerce, we plan to raise public awareness about the dangers of trusting a random electrical company on the internet. We do this by holding monthly meetings virtually through Zoom and conversing with public officials and popular influencers in each niche.

The tertiary goal of our endeavor is to encourage electrical companies in each city to self-select by applying to be a member of the network through our website Our outreach team will begin on 5/12/21 by emailing each company found with the first 10 pages of the search engine and requesting that they set up a time to speak with our liaison about the review process.

New York City will be the first location to roll-out the network. The population size of more than 8 million people makes it an ideal spot to test the effectiveness of our reach-out methods and the system in general. Cities to follow are Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and others with populations over 1 million.

In conclusion, our 503(c) electrical provider organization has been established to ensure that consumers needing electrical services are taken care of, and we will do everything in our power to see that it happens. Please keep an eye out for our next update. Thank you.